West Houston Leadership Institute


The West Houston Leadership Institute (WHLI) is a ground-breaking 10-month program created by the Houston West Chamber of Commerce. Its purpose is to train and develop leadership in the West Houston community by building on the common core values, goals, and strategic teamwork of our residents and businesses. With the guidance and direction of a dedicated team of current business people and community leaders, WHLI provides the framework for dialogue and analysis of issues facing the community. Self-organized learning expeditions help participants determine first-hand what is happening, what’s working, what isn’t, what opportunities and threats affect the community, what needs to be done, and who can do it.

Based on the analysis of the key issues identified by WHLI participants, they craft pilot projects to be executed over the course of the program. Through these projects, the participants not only enhance their leadership skills, but they also work to create their vision for West Houston.


WHLI is structured to unite West Houston leaders with an impressive array of the established leaders in the City of Houston. These leaders offer their knowledge and guidance to our team in addressing the most pertinent issues we face today


Class enrollment is limited to 30 senior leaders or business owners from the West Houston community. Participants in the Institute are all individuals who are aware of their responsibilities to our microcosm of the world and want to make a difference.


Although there are benefits to participants on all levels of personal and professional development, the focus of the Institute is the development of the West Houston community. As such, this is an exclusive leadership initiative targeting those who live and work in the West Houston area.


  • Two-day off-site retreat in January
  • Monthly half-day meetings March through September. No meeting in August.
  • One-day off-site retreat in November
  • Class Fee $2,100

For more information visit www.WHLI.net
To register, please contact Connie Reyna at Admin@WHLI.net or 281-222-5858